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Our Newsletters

Summer 2021 Thumbnail

Summer 2021

As the pandemic situation began to improve with the launch of vaccination programs in many major economies, market watchers and economists began to raise the spectre of inflation. A rapid economic recovery, fueled by unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus and economies reopening with consumers flush with unspent earnings all signalled that inflationary pressure, long dormant, might resurface.

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Spring 2021 Thumbnail

Spring 2021

Mutual funds are designed to be long-term investments. To maximize the benefits of fund investing, it’s best to stay invested throughout the market cycle. But last year’s bear market and the severe economic disruption of the pandemic may have tested even the most resilient investor. If you took money “off the table” last year or are just sitting on some available cash, now may the time to invest.

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Winter 2021 Thumbnail

Winter 2021

Happy New Year! Please accept our best wishes for a year full of happiness and prosperity. Whatever the year ahead holds, we are grateful for your continued confidence and trust in our services. If you are setting goals for the year and they include financial ones, please let us help you achieve them. We’re here for you!

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